Behind the desk

Who we are at Life of Strife Productions extends well beyond our founders. We are a talented team of recording engineers, producers, artists, songwriters, mixers, technicians, and creatives. We’re a joyful and passionate group of people that believe in creating the best productions possible. Meet the team at Life of Strife Productions and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help.

Mao Holiday

Sound engineer, Music Producer, Foley, Recording Engineer,  Sound Designer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Mao Holiday is a Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Producer, and Musician, who graduated from Islington College, (IMW Campus).  He also has a BA in Music Mixing and Mastering from the University of West London.

In 2020 Mao Holiday was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia as Best Radio Production, with the project called "Conversando con Mi Abuela" (Conversing with my grandma). 

Some of the bands and solo artists he has been working with are: Disturbance (Nederlands), Juliette Ashby, The Babes, Butcher Baby, MACAM Modern And Contemporary Art Museum (Lebanon), B.A.M (Switzerland),  Swaraj Chronos, Night & Day quartet, Chain of Panic, The Wuhan Bats, Shao Hao, etc. 

He also designs sound Effects and does Foley for Films, Podcasts, and Audio Books.

Mao is also fluent in Spanish, plays bagpipes and vocals with his band The Babes