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  • How many songs can you record?

We can record from one song up to as many as you would like to be recording, however, please make sure that you let us know how many songs are you willing to record before the session starts, due it will be consuming studio time.  If you are not sure about how many songs you will be able to record, send us a message or give us a call, we will make sure you get enough time for your session.

  • How long does mixing last?

It depends on many factors (How many tracks need to be edit, Sound effects to alter any tracks or instruments, etc).  We will spend enough time so you are satisfied with the track***

If you have a clear idea of what you want to sound like, it will be easier for our team to achieve your expectations and deliver a final work you are really pleased with! 

  • When are you mixing my music?

Mixing is an art and the best is to have clear ears! after recording we need to clean your tracks, so we can be delivering a clean and professional mixing of your songs! depending on how many songs you recorded, we will enable you to come over to the studio a week after, so your ears and ideas are clear about the songs you recorded.  If you don't have the time or availability because you are in a rush or you live out of London, that is not a problem, we are here to help you so please let us know in advance before booking the session by sending us an email or giving us a call!

  • What is mastering?

Many people ask this question and the easiest way to answer is: Mastering is like putting on the makeup and perfume once you are dressed up! By mastering your songs we are preparing the recording to the final touch, so your songs have the proper volume, to even the high and lows, the stereo image of the song is dynamic and everything sounds more consistent.  It is done once you are 100% happy with your final mix 

  • We want you to record us but we cannot come over to your studio, can you record us?

We are innovating and changing the music recording world, that is why Life of Strife will be available to record you anywhere around the world. We will be able to record you using our first-class microphones, and our mobile interface, just to make sure you get the best recording experience as if you are in our studios.  However, so you understand, our studio has the acoustic requirements for recording and mixing that's why we would love to have you over here.  If you want us to record you in your rehearsal studio or any place you are considering to record, yes we can do it, just please let us know before booking and we can discuss it.

Some of our engineers, producers and music technicians are touring with their bands, so they are available to record you anywhere in London and Paris (We offer special rates for London and Paris due to our logistics).  Also anywhere else in the United Kingdom, and Western Europe*** (Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, and Luxembourg).  If you are anywhere else and you want us to record you, that could be possible as well, just please let us know in advance and we can make it happen!  

  • We just want to record our rehearsal live, can you do that for us?

Of course, we can! that's why we have our engineering and production packages, however, if you consider that your package is not there and it is something else, feel free to contact us, we can make your dreams come true!

  • We had some beers last night and we can't come over for recording today, can we leave it for tomorrow or next week?

By contracting our services we are focusing on working with and only you, which means that the hours or days that you are booking with our sound engineers, producers, and technicians are days or hours that we reserved just for you. We do accept canceling 5 days in advance (the booking fee is not refunded).

  • I just need some Mixing / Mastering done from a song that we recorded somewhere else, can you do that?

Yes, we can, anywhere you live around the world, you can send us your tracks via wetransfer.

For mixing please make sure that you export multiple tracks from your DAW, your tracks have no sound effects (Make sure before you are exporting them you have all the sound effects off, EQ, reverbs, compression, delays, etc.), you can leave your effects like flanger, chorus, etc. Also, make sure that each track is named correctly (Main vocals, chorus vocals, snare top, snare bottom, overhead left, overhead right, bass DI, Bass distorted, etc.)  and folder are correctly named.  Please include your original demo mix, along with other reference tracks and your mix notes.

We recommend you to name the folder: ‘ArtistName_SongName_BPM’, then zip it e.g.(

for mastering only, just send us a stereo audio file WAV. Make sure that is no limiting on the mix bus and that you have -6dBs of headroom.  please make sure that your tracks have no sound effects and they have enough room for mixing/mastering, Aim for around -6 dBFS it’s nice and safe. :)

For work online please allow us a week to deliver your work, however, if you are in a hurry, yes we can do it, please contact us by mail or phone before sending your Mixing / Mastering tracks.

  • We know/have been playing/touring with The Babes, is there any "mate discount"?

We love the fact that you have been touring/playing or know The Babes,  just send us an email or give us a call and we can discuss further what you need or would like to do: recording, mixing, or mastering.  Once again, we are here to help you and we are not going to bite you, just get in touch with us via email

  • When and how do we pay?

1- For booking, you need to do a bank transfer of £50 (It will be deducted from your final bill)

2- 50% of the cost should be done by bank transaction five days before your recording session.

3- 100% of the cost of the recording session should be done by Paypal or bank transaction the day of the recording.  

4- If you need to cancel your session you need to let us know five days prior to your recording session (Your booking fee is not refunded).

5- Before booking please contact us by email. We make sure we are available to record you.  

******* WE ADVICE YOU TO ******

  • Rehearse your songs before recording and make sure all band members know all their parts to each song.

  • Please make sure that you have your music scores, and lyrics printed, we don't have a printer here and you will be losing valuable recording time!!!

  • Make sure you know any vocals, string arrangements, or percussion you want before the session.  If you need or want extra musicians or vocalists we can help you out with that.

  • Your recording is a wonderful experience where you don't want to rush or waste time.  We do not need to be impressed by your talent so you don't need to try new things out or show off.  Enjoy it, have fun and please be effective.  The most important thing is the song, not your playing.

  • To make sure that you have the most of your session, make sure that you are on time, that you have your equipment checked and ready. If you use pedals, check that it has new batteries, that you have spare strings, drum sticks, and anything you need so you don't have to look around for anything you might need. Last but not least, make sure you tested your gear the day before

  • We highly recommend that you play to a click track, as this keeps the tempo even through the song and also makes the over-dubbing process more straightforward. Playing to a click gives you more flexibility, and track editing is easier and more accurate. 

  • Once all the recording is done we do our mixing, which is where we apply our sound effects and set the correct volume.  We do decide where the tracks should be panned in the stereo mix.

  • Smoking, alcohol, or any drugs are not allowed at any moment while we work the recording, mixing, or mastering.  The last thing we want is to get as high as a kite and give you a product that is not representing the quality service of Life of Strife.    

  • Chill out, relax and enjoy it! we know how important is your music and we understand that you want perfection, However, we believe that you come over to record and have a wonderful experience and we are here to help you, advise you, and support you so you can enjoy your session and have fun.


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